spark bowl

Delaware Valley University's Small Business & Entrepreneurship Center (SBEC) and the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) announce the second annual Spark bowl Competition for entrepreneurs, innovative businesses and non-profit organizations to address the social, consumer and business-oriented challenges in and around Bucks County, with innovative problem-solving ideas to support the economic growth and prosperity of our communities.

the first prize winner will receive up to $13,500, the second prize winner will receive up to $6,750 and the third prize winner will receive up to $2,250.

entrepreneurs, existing new businesses and nonprofit organizations in bucks county are encouraged to apply now. existing businesses must be less than or equal to 48 months old as of september 15, 2020, to be eligible to enter.

spark bowl entry form

  • sponsored by delval, sbec and the cbcc (“sponsors").
  • for entrepreneurs, existing businesses and non-profit organizations wishing to impact economic growth and prosperity in bucks county.
  • for all inquiries, please contact:, (215) 489-2232
  • a competition to encourage and support bucks county entrepreneurs, innovative businesses and non-profit organizations to address social, consumer and business- oriented challenges such as environmental safety, technology/infrastructure development, intellectual property platforms, and employment opportunities with innovative problem-solving business models leading to organic economic growth in bucks county.
  • as part of delval’s experiential learning program, student teams will be formed to support and work with spark bowl final contestants to prepare for the review before the spark bowl competition. students on the student teams are enrolled in an entrepreneurship course and will work with advisors to support each of the competing final contestants.
  • the selected final contestants will present their pitches to the spark bowl judges at the spark bowl competition event. first, second and third prize winners will be selected. in addition to the winners, the student teams that worked with the winning teams will also receive separate cash prizes in the amount of up to $13,500 for first place, up to $6,750 for second place and up to $2,250 for third place. if the spark bowl judges or others want to invest in the presenting companies, they can do that on their own with no connection to the sponsors.

as a result of the current pandemic, information about the spark bowl venue will be forthcoming. the competition will either be held at delval’s life sciences building at 700 e. butler ave. in doylestown, pa with very limited seating available due to social distancing guidelines or it will be held via an online live streaming application. a video of the event will be made available to the community in this case. we also choose to hold the event remotely using a live streaming application.

july 15, 2020

competition applications open.

september 17, 2020

competition application deadline (no applications will be received and reviewed after this date). september 17, 2020 – september 23, 2020: sbec competition selection committee will review all entries and schedule 3 minute zoom presentations for each contestant. a standard score card will be prepared for each contestant.

september 30, 2020

competition selection committee announces up to five final contestants and one alternate contestant

october 9, 2020

competition selection committee announces student teams that will work with the final contestants to prepare for final pitch to spark bowl judges and the public.

april 15, 2021

spark bowl competition will be held.

judging criteria by competition selection committee and spark bowl

consideration will be given to the following:

research quality 15%
business analysis 15%
scalability 15%
marketability 15%
final plan 15%
entry’s ability to positively impact the economic future and prosperity of bucks county 25%

competition selection committee: comprised of members selected by sponsors.

eligibility: see official rules

The winners of the first spark bowl competition

are you interested in helping people put their dreams into action? sponsors will have the opportunity to review applications from local entrepreneurs, existing businesses and nonprofit organizations wishing to impact economic growth and prosperity in bucks county.


become a sponsor

Sponsorship & Funding Concepts

five spark bowl judges will judge the final spark bowl competition.

  • are selected based on their experience as investors and desire to support
  • get exposure and community credibility.
  • this exposure will help them in their business and demonstrate their community involvement.
  • the ignite sponsor: the primary sponsor: $10,000
    • one only
    • largest highlighting in all print material, advertising, acknowledgement at event opening, prominent recognition in the program and the largest banner shown if event is televised.
    • prominent reserved seating for ten at the stage event.
    • two full pages (5w x 7.5h”) in the program, first choice of back cover.
  • the fire-starters of entrepreneurship: $5,000 each
    • only three fire-starter sponsors!
    • highlighting in the print, on line and program advertising and highlighting as a major sponsor in the program and at the event.
    • reserved seating for 6 at the spark bowl
    • program ad: full page (5w x 7.5h”)
  • the spark leaders: $2,500 each
    • four reserved seats at the spark bowl
    • name in program and on banners
    • program ad: half page (4w x 5h”)
  • the movers and shakers: $1,000 each
    • reserved seating for two people at the spark bowl
    • program ad: quarter page (3w x 2.5h”)
  • the innovation sparks sponsors
    • $250: name in program in group listing, one seat reserved for each $250 donation
    • $100: name in program in group listing
    • $50: name in program in group listing

sponsors: for all inquiries please contact, or call (215) 489-4865

all checks should be made out to delaware valley university/spark bowl address: spark bowl, 700 e. butler ave. doylestown, pa 18901

frequently asked questions

of course, you may learn from others how to prepare a better presentation for your idea.

absolutely, the small business administration has information online as does the central bucks chamber of commerce and pennsylvania state department of commerce.

finalists will also have support of student support teams/advisors to help refine/clarify plans.

no, but what your business can do for bucks county is an important criteria that will be considered.


yes and yes (as long as you meet the eligibility criteria)